2 Feb 2014

Derry Hill Village

A Mix of pretty cottages and well-designed new houses. The village Church was built around 1840 but had no centre aisle. Due to problems with weddings and funerals one was added in the 1930s.

An entrance to Bowood Estate the stately home of The Marquis of Lansdowne lies in Derry Hill Village

Water was piped into the village in the 1930's – until then many of the villagers collected water from wells in their gardens.

Bottom of Derry Hill
The roof of the original well house had rare pan tiles until a couple of criminals dressed as workmen removed the tiles in broad daylight.

The well house was restored in 2002 by Wilts Historic Buildings, Calne Without and contributions from North Wiltshire District Council and Viriden Waste Management. The well house lies at the foot of Derry Hill.

1 Feb 2014

2006 World Cup souvenirs

Can 2014 better these?

Wooden Structure - Thatched Roof Church, Wiltshire

Wooden structured thatched roof church
thought to be the only one of this type in the country.
Spotted in the Wiltshire countryside

31 Jan 2014

Elephant in the Wiltshire Countryside in 2005

Baby Jumbo about a tonne and a half, hailed from the Phillipines and was carved from one piece of solid teak.

Native American in Wilts.